Angeline Roth
Quilts and quilted items, handmade in Brooklyn by Angeline Roth
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About Angeline Roth

holland While growing up in The Netherlands (Holland), I was surrounded by many talented arts and crafts people. However, it wasn't until I came to the US that I first noticed and fell in love with quilts. With the help of friends and books I taught myself the art and technique of quilt-making.

Over the past 20 plus years I've made many quilts, taught quilt-making to groups and individuals, and designed crafts for craft magazines. I've received numerous commissions including a quilt for an advertising campaign of Absolut Vodka which I made in cooperation with another Brooklyn quilter, Jo Ann O'Callaghan. The quilt was coordinated by The Museum of American Folk Art and featured in Country Home magazine. absolut americana

On a voluntary basis I have worked for ABC Quilts, a nationwide organization, which distributes quilts to children with serious illnesses. I have also taught quilt-making to public school children and have helped out with the NY Quiltproject, organized by the Museum of American Folk Art.

I am a founding member of The Brooklyn Quilters, an informal group of quilters which meets once a week. This group is really important to me. We have learned together, raised our kids together, and laugh and cry together. There is a lot of talent and enormous creativity in this group and we share it all.

Quilter's Guild of Brooklyn I am also a member of The Quilters Guild of Brooklyn, a dynamic group of women and men with a great deal of talent. The Guild grows stronger every year.

When I started out, it was hard to find the types of cotton fabrics that are ideal for quilting. Now there are many stunning, gorgeous 100% cotton fabrics available. I love using these fabrics and fabric scraps to create beautiful, yet usable and practical items such as: baby quilts, wall hangings, table runners, placemats, coasters, potholders, trivets, bookmarks, and more!

All items make great gifts.

Larger quilts are available on commission as well. Please email me for more information.

Some notes about my work:

  • I use pre-washed 100% cotton fabrics and warm & natural 100% cotton batting.
  • Everything is machine pieced and quilted.
  • In the ditch quilting is used to keep prices affordable.
  • For baby quilts I often use polyester batting, because it's lighter.
  • My potholders have a double layer of warm & natural 100% cotton batting. These beautiful little pieces of art will not only spruce up your kitchen, but can actually be used!
  • Trivets have a triple layer of batting. All other items have one layer of batting.
  • All items are machine washable and dryable.